Case Studies

Dumfries & Galloway Housing Partnership

What we did

Alysium Consulting completed a major project with Dumfries & Galloway Housing Partnership (DGHP) to blueprint, procure and assist with the implementation of its digital transformation.  DGHP is the second largest social housing provider in Scotland, owning and managing more than 10,300 homes in south west Scotland. The overall programme was broken down into a number of key projects for procurement and implementation including:

  • A full refresh of the core infrastructure deploying a hybrid cloud solution, state-of-the-art software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) and improving wireless connectivity all of DGHP’s offices
  • Laptop deployment for all users to facilitate agile working
  • Deployment of the full Microsoft Office 365 suite for all users including OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams, again providing enablers for agile working
  • Deployment of unified communications (Skype for Business) for internal and external telephony fully replacing the outdated legacy telephone systems
  • Procurement of a new mobile telephone contract commensurate with DGHP’s need for smartphones and data connections to support agile working and the use of services such as Office 365
  • Implementing an omnichannel contact centre (Enghouse Interactive Contact Centre) to provide a wide range of access channels for customers to make contact with the organisations including telephone, email, SMS, web chat and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Renewing Microsoft licensing arrangements to optimise costs and ensure value for money

Alysium facilitated engagement with the marketplace throughout the process.  With Alysium’s support and expertise, it was possible to mix procurement options using both Restricted Procedures and Frameworks to optimise value for money and the variety of solutions and services which could be considered.

Alysium worked with both DGHP’s technology team and also a range of users across the organisation to ensure optimal deployment for business use and best return on DGHP’s significant investment in IT modernisation.  Alysium also spent time with key business managers and users to determine how these initial building bricks would be used to work in conjunction with the application portfolio to drive service improvements and implement digital services for use by both staff and customers.

Phil Riley, lead Alysium consultant for the project said: ‘This project has transformed IT at DGHP, providing the key platforms which will allow DGHP to take advantage of twenty-first century platform which will allow mobile, agile and collaborative working which will drive business process efficiencies and delivery improved levels of customer satisfaction.’

Hugh Carr, Finance Director at DGHP said: ‘Alysium assisted DGHP to successfully move forward with its digital transformation programme as a part of DGHP’s commitment to respond to the demands of a modern, digital world. What we have achieved will ensure DGHP can offer fully digitalised services to customers and increase internal capacity.  Alysium has helped us develop ideas for modern, digital working practices and put these into action.’

Stephen Irving, Digital Developer at DGHP said: ‘Alysium helped us transform out of date IT technology and service delivery processes into a modern platform which is now much more able to respond to the changing needs of a modern business.  Alysium provided valuable input in ensuring that we got the best solutions and value for money from the marketplace.  Alysium also assisted us with tender documentation, programme and supplier management throughout the implementation phases of our projects.’

Evie Copland, Stakeholder Relationship Manager at DGHP said: “Alysium worked closely with us on fully understanding the business opportunities which are available through the technologies in which we have invested. With a team experienced in both technical and business delivery, Alysium has helped to transform the mysteries of technology into everyday working possibilities to benefit both our operations teams and our customers.’