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Benchmarking Service

Let us know what you would like to see us benchmark test next.



Many of our clients have requested the benchmarking of their ICT service and are not always confident in the information which is available in current, and previous, benchmarking reports.


All too often we hear that clients think the information is outdated, no longer relevant or simply misleading as organisations measure the statistics differently. Clients today are also much more interested in benchmarking not only the ICT service provision but also how ICT is supporting the delivery of more efficient services. 


We have listened to our clients and are providing the opportunity to influence and shape a new benchmarking service which answers the questions that you want answers too rather than assuming we know best.  


The collation and analysis of the information will take some time to complete and we would like to secure your input to the process as well as providing regular feedback.  We therefore ask that you register using this form and then provide up to 10 key benchmarks that you would like to see considered.


There is also a free text box for further commentary if you have more criteria you would like to share or other comments you would like considered.


Thank you for your participation.